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Instagram vs Facebook: Which Can Boost Your Business More?

Facebook and Instagram are the two highly used social media in the 21st century. In the world of millennials, digital marketing is the new course of action, despite the hard competition between the different branches of social media. Over a decade the cold war has been between Instagram vs Facebook.
Facebook was created in 2004 in Cambridge and launched on 26th September in 2006 in India, Mark Zukerberg along with other five scholars had created Facebook. About 700 million people were using Facebook and it reached 1 billion in 2012. With the rise of smartphones, the accounts in Facebook was also high. By 2013 Facebook was the most used platform in social media. Different features and policies were added up on Facebook. It has over 2.6 billion users across the globe and 280 million users in India.
Instagram was founded on 6 October 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike kreiger launched Instagram especially on IOS. Though the creator had resigned from this business after eight years from its creation and Instagram was bought by Mark Zukerberg, Instagram is a completely different platform by the owner of Facebook. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and in India 88 million.
The Basic Difference Between Instagram and Facebook
Instagram- It’s basically a Simple Photo and Video sharing platform, where people follow each other and the insight on the picture and videos or the IGTV videos are more satisfactory to the eyes.
Facebook- On the other hand Facebook is a multiverse platform with the facility of shopping, creating a community, video call, voice call, sharing pictures, games and others.
The Comparison between Instagram and Facebook
After a complete decade of competition, it is clear that regarding photos and videos Instagram has better features than Facebook. Due to the high-resolution feature on pictures and videos, people started posting pictures of food, art, and crafts, handcrafted products that were appreciated by the other users. Marketing or more simply showing a person’s talent became normal in Instagram. Though according to a lot of surveys and research, younger people were more on Instagram.
Whereas on Facebook there have been different age group users, due to the features of creating groups and sharing pictures, playing games on Facebook, It is loved by all, and users get different items in facebook for shopping. The Facebook marketplace has every possible thing but doesn't really have a marketplace, but accounts which post their items for sale where buyers contact through messaging them, Instagram generally sells handicraft product clothes etc, Whereas Facebook, sells those items which are more important on a regular basis.
Promotional Strategies
The promotional part in Instagram is much easier than Facebook, as Instagram is all about sharing pictures and showing talent and products through pictures and videos. In each post, there is an option to promote, by clicking that Instagram asks for basic details, for example how many reaches and days. The budget or the package determines how long the promotion will run.
There are only 4 types of ads you can run in Instagram:
1.     Photo Ads: allow you to showcase your products through images.
2.     Video Ads: can be up to 60 seconds.
3.     Carousel Ads: users can swipe through up to 10 images or videos, each with a CTA button that connects them to your website.
4.     Stories Ads: full-screen ads in which you can share photos and videos with your audience.
In Facebook, there are multiple ways to promote, the best possible way is to create a Facebook page, and promote it. The Facebook page poster will be visible to other user’s timelines. Other methods are direct promotion on profile and sharing videos and slogans and posters in the Facebook community.
The types of ads you can run on Facebook
1.     Video Ads: recommended videos up to 15 seconds with subtitles.
2.     Image Ads: an eye-catchy the image accompanied by a persuasive message.
3.     Collection Ads: a cover image or video followed by a few product photos.
4.    Carousel Ads: you can showcase up to 10 images (or videos) in a single ad, each with its own link.
5.     Slideshow Ads: video-like ads, which use motion, sound, and text to tell your story.
6.     Facebook Instant Experiences/Canvas Ads: mobile-optimized ads that show all your videos, photos, carousels, and product images in a single ad.
7.     Lead Generation Ads: capture user’s information.
8.     Offer Ads: allow you to create and extend timely discounts and promotions to your target audience.
9.     Post Engagement Ads/Boosted Posts: help you share information about your business with users.
10. Event Response Ads: help you to promote events.
11. Page Likes: can be used to drive your audience to Like your Facebook Page.

Prices for Promotion
Facebook Charges Rupees 49 for a single day promotional including the links and posters. Other packages are also available for example 1500 28 days, reaching maximum zones and maximum people. Instagram charges $12 for reaching a thousand people, In Indian currency, it’s 914.97 for reaching a maximum of 1000 people. It includes IGTV videos, stories, and posts. 
In the end, it can be easily concluded that businesses like handcraft, jewelry, clothes, makeup, games, etc. Anything for the youngsters will be successful if promoted on Instagram. Whereas on Facebook every business will run well from handcrafted to daily essential items for the household. The range of age groups on Facebook is wide enough hence everyone has something for their match. Any kind of business will run well in terms of promotion on Facebook, as it has a vast promotional sector.

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